Bovie Colpo-Master I Swing Arm Colposcope with Continuous Zoom and LED Lighting

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The BR Surgical Ostrom Antrum-Punch Nasal Forceps allow access to the nasal cavity for surgical procedures or to assist in the removal of foreign objects. Punch Forceps feature a length of 5.5 inches with a 100 mm tip and are available in up, right, and left cutting styles. Antrum-Punch Forceps are ideal for hospitals and clinics.

The Colpo-Master™ I features two sets of LED lights which are independently controlled by a pair of Rheostats. One controls the intensity for a set of 4 white LED's while the other controls the intensity of a single green LED. The ability to adjust both sets independently gives medical professionals greater control over increasing the visibility of tissue variances. The OB/GYN Colposcope features dual diopters which help reduce eye strain by allowing users to adjust the focus for each eye independently. The Colpo-Master™ I has 20x Super Widefield "High-Eyepoint" eyepieces which allow users who wear glasses to operate the Colposcope without having to remove them. The Colposcopes have a working distance of 298 mm.

Users have a choice of either a binocular or trinocular head with the trinocular head being a requirement for all camera related functionality. With the trinocular head, medical professionals can simultaneously view and record during procedures. The camera ready trinocular models are capable of accepting most "C" or "CS Mount" cameras from most manufacturers. Several preconfigured Colposcope packages are available with a choice of either a digital video camera or an S-video camera. The included cameras are detachable and can also be upgraded at a later time if the user decides to do so. The frame grabber and image capturing software are ideal for capturing footage that can be stored in EMR/EHR record systems.

The Colpo-Master™ I features rolling caster wheels for easy mobility and is available in either 3-legged or 5-legged models. Each Colpo-Master™ I Colposcope includes a dust cover, power cord, manual, and tool kit.

  • Colposcope with Binocular Head and 3 Legged Base
  • Dust Cover
  • Power Cord
  • Manual
  • Tool Kit
  • Swing-arm suspension design allows for easy access to surgical site
  • Perfect for exams and procedures
  • Stereoscopic viewing in 3D
  • 4x - 27x continuous zoom range
  • Widefield 20x eyepieces allow users to operate while using glasses
  • Dual diopter allows for independent focus adjustments
  • Independent focus adjustments help reduce eye strain
  • 2 independent rheostats control separate LED sets
  • One control for white LED's (4) and one for a single green LED
  • Dual controls allow for increased visibility of tissue variances
  • Choice of binocular head or camera-ready trinocular head
  • Trinocular head needed for camera usage
  • Trinocular models allow for simultaneous viewing and recording
  • Trinocular models accept most C or CS-Mounted Cameras
  • Optional camera packages available
  • Choice of digital video camera or S-video camera
  • Perfect for creating video recordings and storing in EMR platforms
  • Detachable cameras
  • Users with trinocular models can upgrade their cameras
  • Choice of 3 legged or 5 legged base
  • Locking caster wheels
  • Stainless steel handle bars
  • Includes dust cover, power cord, manual, and tool kit
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