Bovie Disposable Tungsten Electrodes

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BR Surgical Rigid Laparoscopes allow physicians and ENT specialists to view inside areas of the pelvis or abdomen. The Laparoscopes feature a tapered fiber cone for the best possible light amplification, allowing for the pelvis and abdomen to be viewed with high definition imagery. The imagery of the Surgical Endoscopes stays clear due to the hydrophilic gas-filled optical train which prevents fog from obstructing the user's view. For long lasting performance, the window of the Rigid Endoscope is scratch resistant, and will not be susceptible to glass corrosion. The Laparoscopes are built with stainless steel tubing and contain laser welded joints, ensuring that they remain durable and dependable. BR Surgical Endoscopes are autoclavable and available in 0 and 30 degree viewing angles.

  • Made of high quality tungsten wire
  • Available as loops, arthroscopic electrodes, and needles
  • Compatible with all Bovie generators
  • Packaged in protective tray preventing damage while shipping
  • Molded ribbed safety grips
  • Packaged five per box
  • Proudly made in the USA
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