Bovie Electrosurgical Pencils

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Core Products BRE-6071 Swede-O® Thermal Vent® Lumbar Supports relieve lower back pain while promoting recovery by providing compression, support, and heat therapy. The Lumbar Support Belt reduces sacroiliac joint dysfunction symptoms. For enhanced support and stability, the Lumbar Belt features internal stays, which also prevent the sides from rolling. Adjustable elastic side straps provide extra compression, when needed.

Reusable Electrosurgery Pencils by Bovie are autoclavable, with the ESPR2 validated for 50 autoclave cycles and the ESPR-EL validated for 25 autoclave cycles. The ESPR-EL features a 1/16" electrode collet instead of the standard 3/32" collet. The Bovie Medical Corporation's ESPR2 and ESPR-EL Reusable Pencils feature a standard 3 prong connector and push buttons. Bovie's A901 Reusable Electrosurgical Pencil is compatible with the A800, A900, A940, and A950 Electrosurgery Generators and features a 3-button control system and a tether cable connection. The 902 Reusable Pencil offers a 2-prong plug, 3-button control and is compatible with the DERM 101/102, A942, and A952 Electrosurgery Units.

  • Compatible with all Bovie generators
  • Disposable and reusable pencil types available
  • Cut and Coag buttons clearly indicated to reduce risk of improper activation
  • Options for push button, rocker switch, and foot control switches for cut and coag
  • Most pencils use standard three prong connector
  • ESP7 uses a single pin connector
  • ESP6H includes pencil holsters
  • ESPR2 autoclavable up to 50 cycles
  • ESPR-EL features 1/16" collet
  • A901 is compatible with A800, A900, A940, and A950 generators
  • A902 is compatible with DERM 101/102, A942, and A952 generators
  • See accessories below for all accessories
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