Bovie MI 1000 LED Surgery Light

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Novum Medical Renaissance 6 Section Privacy Screens are a great way to provide patients with a comfortable sense of privacy. The translucent Patient Privacy Screens can be used as a partition in rooms with multiple patients and they can also be used as a privacy screen in rooms where patients require a change of attire. Renaissance Privacy Screens are ideal for all hospitals, long term care facilities, and medical clinics.

Bovie LED Surgical Lights are engineered with precision to offer a smoothly articulating head and arm assembly to fold into a compact unit that will not interfere with room space when not in use. The Bovie Medical LED Surgery Light is offered in single wall mount, or with a portable rolling floor stand, or as a single ceiling or dual ceiling mount options. An optional battery backup model of the floor stand version is also available. Featuring five-stage dimming as well as an on/off switch located on its disinfectable handle, the MI 1000 offers an innovative, controllable approach to surgical lighting. Bovie Medical Surgery Lights are proudly made in the USA.

  • Bright, clear LED light
  • High color temperatures ensure accurate tissue rendition
  • Cool LED emits minimal heat
  • Shadow control keeps illumination constant
  • Efficient and envrionmentally-friendly
  • Five-stage dimming options for optimal versatility
  • Articulating head and arm assembly give large range of movement
  • Light controls located on handle
  • On/off switch
  • Standard sterilizable handle
  • Available in several mounting options: mobile floor, wall, single ceiling, or double ceiling
  • Optional floor mounted model with battery backup also available
  • Ideal for medical operations and surgeries
  • Proudly made in the USA
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