Bovie Reusable Electrodes

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BR Surgical D-LETE Endoscopic Disposable Sets consist of a completely disposable one-piece instrument that ensures each procedure starts with a sharp tip, new rotator, and undamaged electrical insulation. The D-LETE Laparoscopic Instruments feature a precise fixation component ensuring less loss of electrodes, laser soldered guiding clamps for precise sliding of electrode, and stainless steel tubing for the loop holder.

  • Reusable
  • Available as electrodes, blades, balls, and needle styles
  • Compatible with all Bovie generators
  • Standard 3/32" (2.3 mm) stainless steel shaft
  • Reusable loop electrodes can be steam autoclaved up to five times
  • Steam autoclaved up to 25 times
  • Non-Sterile
  • Proudly made in the USA
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