BR Surgical Bipolar Coagulation Electrode

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Core Products AKL-6337-BK Swede-O® Tarsal Lok Ankle Brace combines a comfortable lace up brace with a rigid brace for greater support. An integrated stabilizer allows normal range of motion and uses body heat to mold to the shape of the ankle for enhanced support and protection. The speed lacing system allows for quick application. For durability and resistance, the outer brace is constructed of poly-tex material. The inner brace is made of ballistic nylon with internal laminated foam for strength and support. Featuring a low profile design, the Ankle Guard is great for sport wear and everyday use. The Swede-O® Tarsal Lok Ankle Brace fits most shoe types and is compatible with orthotics.

  • 30°
  • 4.25" Working Length
  • Used for entering the nasal cavity for optimal tissue reduction
  • Available in angled and straight configurations
  • 45° tip on angled coagulation probes
  • Various working lengths available
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