BR Surgical Optomic Strobolux III LED Stroboscope

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The Strobolux III Stroboscope features two illuminators comprised of a high power LED coupled to an optic set of four condenser lenses, which allows the stroboscope to achieve the maximum level of light concentration, resulting in bright, clear images. With the double output of stroboscopic light, two endoscopes can be connected to the device simultaneously, allowing for the use of either output according to needs. For continuous light, the two light outputs allow for two endoscopes or an endoscope and a head lamp to be connected and used independently or at the same time. The integrated 5 inch TFT screen offers a clear display of measurements, and allows for an easy adjustment of the different parameters using the keypad and intuitive menu. The long life LED technology results in a low consumption device that is eco-friendly and maintenance free.

The BR Surgical LED Strobe was developed using the latest technology in frequency analysis in real time and high power LED illumination. The stroboscope function has Phase mode and Slow Motion mode, controlling the phase or speed with a foot pedal. The powerful microprocessor digitally analyzes the audio signal, providing a fast and precise calculation of the F0 (fundamental frequency) and the SPL (sound pressure level). This provides high stroboscopic stability, delivering a clear image in real time of the vocal cords. The highly sensitive air microphone captures phonation for the stroboscopy frequency control. The Stroboscope also features the Automatic Gain Control (AGC) function and sound compression mechanism to guarantee a stable audio signal even at low levels, essential in patients with voice pathologies. In addition, when operating in stroboscopic mode, the stroboscope's cooling system adjusts to make the least possible noise and switches on only when necessary.

  • For functional evaluation of the vocal cords or larynx
  • Functions as stroboscope or continuous light source
  • Dual high power LED outputs
  • Two independent outputs allow for use of two instruments simultaneously
  • Fundamental frequency and sound pressure level display on-screen
  • Optic condensers concentrate light to achieve bright, stable, precise images
  • BR900-7301 includes HD endoscopy camera
  • Synchronization of camera and stroboscope to optimize image quality
  • Light reaction in real time
  • Power variation and memory settings for rigid and flexible endoscopes
  • Phase and slow motion modes
  • Digital control of the signal
  • Highly sensitive air microphone
  • Sound compression and silent mode for audio precision
  • 5 inch TFT display
  • Compact and light
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