Brewer 5001 Access Manual Exam Table with Pelvic Tilt and Drawer Heater

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Features Included: Simple pneumatic backrest for easy patient positioning, Multi-density bolstered support upholstery, Leg extension/plastic debris tray, Adjustable ergonomic stirrups
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The Detecto 6400 Portable Wheelchair Scale is perfect for weighing patients who may have difficulties getting around. The Portable Wheelchair Scale has a 36" wide platform and can weigh patients up to 1,000 lbs. Floor ramps on opposite sides of the High Capacity Scale allow patients with wheelchairs to easily enter and exit the platform. The platform features a black rubber mat which offers increased traction in order to help with stability. A low 2" profile offers easy accessibility, even for patients who would prefer to simply walk onto the Platform Scale. Located on one side of the Digital Scale is a pair of wheels and on the opposite side a pair of guide handles. By flipping the Wheelchair Scale vertically onto the side with wheels, users can grab onto the handles and easily transport wherever needed.

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The Brewer Access 5001 Exam Table also can store an additional six table paper rolls under the upholstery. Access Exam Tables by Brewer conveniently accept 21 x 3.5 inch and 18 x 3.5 inch table paper rolls. The Brewer 5001 Access features a fully adjustable, 8 inch step rise making it easy for patients to get on and off the exam table. The large patient step has a stable, 4-leg base and tucks away easily. The simple pneumatic lift backrest allows easy patient positioning. The Brewer 5001 is available in a variety of colors, see above options. A stainless steel treatment pan is available for purchase separately - see Accessories listed below.

  • with Pelvic Tilt and Drawer Warmer
  • Standard Table Colors
  • Weight capacity of 500 lbs
  • 5 degree pelvic tilt and 60-watt drawer heater in front top drawer
  • Four-leg patient step design for stability
  • Standard 8 inch step rise
  • Patient step is fully adjustable, tucks away easily
  • Simple pneumatic backrest for easy patient positioning
  • Large, spacious surface area
  • Pass through side drawers accessible from right or left side
  • Drawer stops allow drawer to open from only one side if desired
  • One table fits every exam room configuration
  • Easy to clean seamless upholstery
  • Leg extension and adjustable ergonomic stirrups
  • Plastic debris tray
  • Outlets can be reversed from right to left side
  • Storage for up to 6 additional table paper rolls
  • Stainless steel treatment pan available - See accessories below
  • Variety of colors in different upholstery types
  • Powered by 120VAC hospital-grade duplex electrical outlets
  • UL listed, CSA listed
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.
  • Model Number Notation for Available Colors
  • Standard Table Upholstery Colors
  • C133 - California Fire Code Upholstery Colors
  • SP - Special Upholstery Colors
Additional Specifications:
Length Range57.3" - 71"
Seat Angle Range5 degrees
Power or Manual BackManual
Power Source115VAC, 60Hz, 5.8 amps max
Dimensions28" (W) x 32" (H)
ComplianceUL 60601-1
Country of OriginUnited States Of America
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