Brewer Short Wheel Infusion Pump IV Stand

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ENT Endoscopes / Sinus Endoscopes by BR Surgical allow physicians and ENT specialists to view inside patients' sinus cavities. Unlike other methods of medical imaging, Endoscopes are inserted directly into the organ or cavity. Endoscopy is commonly used for investigating symptoms, confirming diagnoses and providing treatment within bodily cavities. BR Surgical ENT / Sinus Endoscopes are autoclavable and available in a variety of different view angles, diameters and lengths. BR Surgical crafts instruments with high quality materials and precision to ensure long life with consistent use.

  • Height of 54 inches to 90.5 inches
  • Weight capacity of 45 lbs
  • Heavy center weight affords stability without taking up much space
  • 3 in Rubber wheel with ball bearing casters
  • Tough five-leg epoxy coated steel base
  • Chrome plated top post assembly
  • "No Loss" knob
  • Available with two or four detachable hooks
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