Cardionics Learning Software - Hearing Impaired Stethoscope

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The stainless steel construction and OR quality make the Sklar Kerrison Rongeur ideal for hospitals and specialty clinics. The Kerrison Rongeur will last and remain dependable for medical personnel, thanks to the durable surgical steel construction. Look to QuickMedical for all of your medical instrument needs, including our full line of Rongeurs.

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  • Each trace can be enlarged for greater detail
  • Includes EKG tutorial
  • Contains 118 Clinical EKGs in 9 clinical categories
  • 717-9147 Learning Cardiac Auscultation
  • All heart sound programs have a moving Phonocardiogram PCG and Electrocardiogram ECG trace to show the location of the sounds in the cardiac cycle
  • Sound components are identified with labels
  • Labels can be turned ON or OFF
  • Amplitude of individual sound components is adjustable to create faint or loud events
  • Any two heart sound programs are easily compared with a mouse click
  • Text explains each heart sound program with emphasis on Physical Diagnosis
  • Complete Tutorial shows first-time users how to use the heart sound programs as well as the quiz programs
  • Contains three quiz modes - Novice, Advanced and Instructor-Selected quiz
  • A step-by-step learning process - following the List of Heart Sounds takes the student through the normal and abnormal heart sounds found in today's clinical practice
  • 717-9148 Learning Lung Sounds
  • 15 different types of lung sounds
  • Comprehensive quiz included
  • 717-9010 Learning Arrhythmia Recognition
  • Three quiz modes - novice, advanced, and instructor selected quiz
  • Comparison mode allows any two arrhythmias to be shown on the screen simultaneously
  • Contains 30 arrhythmias
  • 717-9146 Learning Cardiology
  • Covers coronary artery disease and valvular heart disease
  • Contains complete description of Coronary Artery Disease
  • 717-1008 Pediatric Heart and Lung Sounds Contents
  • Viral pneumonia
  • Postoperative atelectasis
  • Iatrogenic pulmonary edema
  • Mycoplasma pneumonia
  • Asthma
  • Acute allergic asthma
  • Acute epiglottitus
  • Pneumococoal pneumonia
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