Blickman 7956SS Kennedy Freestanding Instrument/Storage Cabinet with 3 Glass Shelves, 1 Stainless-Steel Shelf, 1527956000

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Features include: Separate upper and lower sections, flat top and glides, three stainless steel drawers.

The Blickman 7956SS (Kennedy) Freestanding Cabinet is a 36" wide treatment and storage cabinet with two distinct sections separated by a stainless steel work surface. Narcotic locker and three glass shelves in the upper section independently lock. The bottom section consists of three 7" deep drawers, closed-door compartment with one stainless steel shelf. The cabinet is mounted on four legs with stainless steel glides. Reconfigure this cabinet with all stainless steel shelves, solid doors, sloping top for easy cleaning and casters.

MATERIALS: Stainless Steel, Type 300, Series, nickel-bearing, 1/4" clear tempered sheet glass.

GAUGES: Sides, backs, tops, bottoms, shelf-18 gauge. Doors and drawers 20 gauge. Legs - 12 gauge.

CONSTRUCTION: Cabinet consists of separate upper and lower compartments with seamless welded faces and doubled front edges. The cabinet is mounted on four stainless steel glide equipped offset legs, welded to bottom corners. The upper compartment is provided with glass-paneled doors of double-shell design formed to hold a rubber – gasket glass panel. A right-hand door equipped with locking knob and three-way latching, left-hand door with dummy knob and roller catch, operating on semi-concealed stainless steel hinges. Three glass shelves, with all edges, ground smooth and polished, adjust on .50" increments on full height stripping shelves, with all edges ground smooth and polished, adjusts on .50" increments on full height stripping welded to back an front of the cabinet. An independently locked narcotic cabinet, 13.25" (33.65) x 5" (12.70) x 7.75" (19.68) with a double-walled door, is welded to the bottom, back and side of the compartment. The lower compartment is furnished with one double pan door with bar pull hung on semi-concealed stainless steel hinges, and three half-widths, full depth, 7" (17.78 deep drawers, with channeled edges and horizontally coved intersections, welded to drawer heads fitted with die-cast aluminum bar pulls. Slides with integral stops and ball bearing rollers are welded to drawer sides, with mating body slides secured to the cabinet interior. Cupboard equipped with one removable stainless steel shelf. Upper and lower sections are joined together by four supports, two each at the front and rear edges of the upper cabinet. Front supports are 1.25" (3.18) square stainless steel tubing and back supports concealed by the backsplash of the stainless steel base cabinet top.

WELDING: Welding is accomplished by the heli-arc method. All exposed welds ground smooth.

FINISH: Exposed surfaces are free from pit marks, weld seams, and scale, and polished to a satin finish.

OPTIONS: Casters, stainless steel shelves for upper compartment, sloping top.

Unit of Measure (UOM)Each
Dimensions36" (W) x 16" (D) x 78" (H)
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