Cincinnati Surgical 08820 Post-Mortem Half-Curved Cutting Needles

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Cincinnati Surgical Carbon Steel Sterile Scalpel Blades are made with high grade British surgical steel resulting in exceptional sharpness and durability. Carbon Steel Blades retain their sharpness longer then stainless steel blades. The narrow grinding angle used on these Medical Blades results in a higher initial keenness. These Medical Scalpels have a smooth texture due to a medium surface finish. Scalpel Blades from Cincinnati Surgical are available in a variety of blades styles and sizes.

These Post Mortem Needles are available in 4 sizes. Half-Curved Autopsy Needles from Cincinnati Surgical are packaged 12 per pack.

  • Ideal for skin sutures
  • Points are sharp and durable
  • Mirror finish ensures all surface defects are removed
  • Accurate centering
  • Large strong eyes for easy threading
  • Non-rusting stainless steel
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Packaged 12 per pack
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