CME Blanket/Fluid Warmer Options

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CME CMEB-102-0009 2" Base Option for Warmers
SKU: CESS-734462-00001
MPN: CMEB-102-0009
CME CMEB-102-0012 4" Base Option for Warmers
SKU: CESS-734463-00001
MPN: CMEB-102-0012
CME CMEB-102-0014 6" Base Option for Warmers (Increase from 4" to 6")
SKU: CESS-734464-00001
MPN: CMEB-102-0014
CME CMEB-102-0028 Celsius Option for Warmers
SKU: CESS-734465-00001
MPN: CMEB-102-0028
CME CMEB-102-0042 Electronic Lock Option for Warmers
SKU: CESS-734466-00001
MPN: CMEB-102-0042
CME CMEB-102-0097 Intermediate Door Lock Option for Warmers [Only Available for Triple Chamber Units]
SKU: CESS-734468-00001
MPN: CMEB-102-0097
CME CMEB-102-0131 Lower Chamber Door Lock Option for Warmers [Only Available for Dual & Triple Chamber Units]
SKU: CESS-734469-00001
MPN: CMEB-102-0131
CME CMEB-102-0133 Lh Door Swing Option for Warmers
SKU: CESS-734470-00001
MPN: CMEB-102-0133
CME CMEB-102-0210 Recessed Unit Option for Warmers [CONTAINS: TOP PANEL, SIDE PANEL, TRIM KIT]
SKU: CESS-734473-00001
MPN: CMEB-102-0210
CME CMEB-102-0214 Seismic Braces Option for Warmers
SKU: CESS-734474-00001
MPN: CMEB-102-0214
CME CMEB-102-0257 Slope Top Option for 20.5"D X 24"W Warmers
SKU: CESS-734475-00001
MPN: CMEB-102-0257
CME CMEB-102-0316 Slope Top Option for 20.5"D X 30"W Warmers
SKU: CESS-734475-00002
MPN: CMEB-102-0316
CME CMEB-102-0317 Slope Top Option for 26.5"D X 24"W Warmers
SKU: CESS-734475-00003
MPN: CMEB-102-0317
CME CMEB-102-0318 Slope Top Option for 26.5"D X 30"W Warmers
SKU: CESS-734475-00004
MPN: CMEB-102-0318
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The CME Blanket/Fluid Warmer Options from CME.

CME Blanket/Fluid Warmer Options

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Manufacturer CME
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Country of Origin United States Of America
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