Dressing Aids for Sock and Stockings

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The 3B Scientific 12-4631 Vegetative Nervous System Anatomical Charts display the autonomic nervous system in large, colorful images. The roles that the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems play in the function of each organ is also detailed. Anatomical Charts measure 19.7 x 26.4 inches and are printed on premium glossy paper.

The 86-0001 Ridged Sock Aid provides a rigid surface over which to slide the sock or stocking. The molded ridges hold the sock in position while the user slides their foot into the sock. Using the adjustable length handle the sock can be pulled into position easily.

The 86-0002 Flexible Sock Aid uses a three finger design to keep the sock or stocking open. Anti-slip terry cloth on the exterior of the molded plastic form keeps the sock in position while the nylon interior reduces friction when the foot is slid into the sock. The two loop handles accommodate users with limited hand function in positioning the sock.

The 86-0010 Compression Stocking Aid is for use with compression hose of up to 4 mmHg but can also be used with regular socks or stockings. The unit provides three grip levels, offers a heel guide to keep the foot in proper alignment and can be disassembled for travel.

  • Makes putting on socks easier
  • Three fingers to accommodate heel and foot contours
  • Loop strap can be used with one hand
  • Length is adjustable up to 30"
  • 86-0002 Flexible Sock Aid
  • Three finger design holds stocking
  • Inside nylon material reduces friction
  • Outside terrycloth holds stocking
  • Strong molded insert; hand washable
  • Two long loop handles for people with limited hand function
  • 86-0010 Compression Sock Aid
  • Rigid extra wide design
  • Extra long handles, 17" with 3 grip levels
  • Comes apart for traveling
  • For compression hose up to 4 mmHg
  • Heel guide keeps foot in perfect position
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