healtHcentric Ultimate Medical Stool

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The healtHcentric Ultimate Medical Stool is the most hygienic stool on the market.

It features a foot activated adjustment paddle that allows easy adjustment for multiple seat heights without the use of hands to maintain infection control standards and is ideal for operating rooms or any area where infection control is a high priority.

IC+ Upholstery

Backed by a 10 year warranty, the IC+ PVC-free upholstered seat and under seat seal completely seal the seat pan, including the underside of the seat, to offer a seamless and impermeable solution against liquids and pathogens.

The Ultimate Medical Stool was designed from top to bottom for the medical profession, with every inch and every feature created to be the ultimate in medical stool design. The Ultimate Medical Stool is GREENGUARD® certified.

IC+ Upholstery

healtHcentric has a special infection control upholstery option that also meets CAL-133 standards.

Proprietary to healtHcentric, IC+™ Upholstery Solution* is a breakthrough upholstery technology specifically formulated for the healthcare industry to provide the most durable, cleanable and impermeable medical-grade surface available.

Pathogens, fluids and bed bugs stay out because IC+ is non-porous, seamless and forms a completely sealed moisture-free barrier that makes microbial growth virtually non existent. IC+ is strong enough to stand up to all hospital-grade cleaners and disinfectants, allowing cleaning staff to effectively remove the toughest pathogens from the surface of the chairs in high traffic areas.

Puncture and tear resistant

IC+ resists tears, punctures and general abuse that furniture takes in most high traffic facilities. In puncture and tear tests, IC+ proved to be up to 10 times more durable than hospital-grade vinyl.

Sealed and seamless

IC+ is non-porous, and has an impermeable structure that forms a strong barrier against fluids, dirt, bed bugs and pathogens to provide the ultimate infection control surface.

Superior cleanability

Our unique patented under-seat clip system allows for easy and thorough cleaning and disinfecting – no tools required.

Hospital-grade cleaning agent tough

IC+ has been formulated to withstand the most common hospital-grade cleaning and disinfecting agents such as Rescue, CaviCide, Wex-Cide, Virox 5 and bleach.

No off-gassing – GREENGUARD® certified

PVC- and latex-free and low VOC’s means healthier indoor environments for staff, patients and visitors.

Exceeds 1,000,000 double rubs

IC+ offers a high abrasion rating and is available in a wide variety of colors that seamlessly blend into any healthcare environment.

10 year warranty

IC+ protects your investment and helps stretch budget dollars with a 10 year guarantee against tears, punctures and cracks.

CAL-133 compliant

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