Eschenbach System Vario Plus Illuminated Stand Magnifier (1550-73)

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1550-73 & 1599-10

Eschenbach System Vario Plus Illuminated Stand Magnifier (1550-73 & 1599-10)

System Vario Plus is the illuminated magnifier system with the most varied selection of illumination options and magnifications making System Vario Plus the most successful illuminated magnifier series ever.


  • Designed for use by resting on top of the reading material, they are ideally suited for reading over long periods of time.


  • Optimal illumination of the reading material is ensured by the bright light source and enclosed magnifier heads.
  • Large, easy-to-use on/off switch makes System Vario easy to handle.
  • Round lens heads with a diameter greater then 58 mm are fitted with a retractable, red reaqding line for improved line-by-line reading orientation. 
  • All rectangular magnifier lens heads are fitted with a retractable, segment-shaped additional lens of 4dpt.
  • All magnifiers are calculated for a uniform eye-to-image distance (aE) of 400 mm (approx. 2.5 dpt. addition).
  • Magnification/dioptric value/ideal eye-lens distance printed on all lens heads.
  • 5 illuminating handles are available for selection of the most appropriate illumination 


  • 1550-71 Magnification head w/incandescent battery handle 
  • Magnification: 10x 
  • Diopter: 38D 
  • Illumination: Incandescent 
  • Lens Size: 35 mm 
  • Lens Type: Aspheric 
  • Case: 1500-2 (Optional) 
  • Case Material: Nylon 
  • Bulb: 1545 (Included) 
  • Power Source: 2 C Batteries (Not Included) 
  • Mount: High Grade White Plastic 
  • Lens Material: PXM with Cera-Tec Coating


  • Includes Attachable Scale with 0.2 mm and 1/64 
  • Lens-to-Image Distance: 360 mm 
  • Enlargement Ratio/Transverse Magnification: 12.4x
  • Maximum Allowable Add: 2.8D
  • Arm/Neck: no
  • Display: no
Unit of Measure (UOM)Each
IncludesIncandescent Battery Handle
Kit IncludesModels 1550-73 & 1599-10
Excludes2 C Batteries
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