18" Wheelchair

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43-2251 18" Wheelchair, Fixed Arm, Swingaway Footrest
SKU: CESS-712652-00001
MPN: 43-2251
43-2261 18" Silver Sport 2 - Dual Axle, Detachable Desk Arm, Swing-Away Elevating Legrests
SKU: CESS-712652-00004
MPN: 43-2261
43-2252 18" Wheelchair, Fixed Arm, Swingaway Elevating Legrest
SKU: CESS-712652-00002
MPN: 43-2252
43-2260 18" Wheelchair, Removable Desk Armrest, Swingaway Footrest
SKU: CESS-712652-00003
MPN: 43-2260

The 18" Wheelchair

Powder coated steel frame is lightweight, strong and durable. The wheelchair comes with padded armrests and plastic footplates. The vinyl upholstery is durable, and easy to clean. There are urethane tires on the composite wheel; push to lock brakes. There are 8" front casters which are adjustable in 3 positions. The chair comes with a carry pocket on the backrest providing additional convenience. There are swing-away footrests or swing-away elevating legrests with adjustable length riggings. The weight capacity is 250 lbs and the chair comes with a fixed or detachable desk arms.

Country of OriginChina
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