Cando Bungee Cord

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10-5810 Cando Bungee Cord, 4 Foot, Tan XX-Light Resistance, With Attachments
SKU: CESS-712081-00001
MPN: 10-5810
10-5815 Cando Bungee Cord, 4 Foot, Black X-Heavy Resistance, With Attachments
SKU: CESS-712081-00006
MPN: 10-5815
10-5813 Cando Bungee Cord, 4 Foot, Green Medium Resistance, With Attachments
SKU: CESS-712081-00004
MPN: 10-5813
10-5819 Cando Bungee Cord, 4 Foot, With Attachments, Set Of 8 Resistance Levels (Tan To Gold)
SKU: CESS-712081-00009
MPN: 10-5819
10-5811 Cando Bungee Cord, 4 Foot, Yellow X-Light Resistance, With Attachments
SKU: CESS-712081-00002
MPN: 10-5811
10-5816 Cando Bungee Cord, 4 Foot, Silver XX-Heavy Resistance, With Attachments
SKU: CESS-712081-00007
MPN: 10-5816
10-5814 Cando Bungee Cord, 4 Foot, Blue Heavy Resistance, With Attachments
SKU: CESS-712081-00005
MPN: 10-5814
10-5812 Cando Bungee Cord, 4 Foot, Red Light Resistance, With Attachments
SKU: CESS-712081-00003
MPN: 10-5812
10-5817 Cando Bungee Cord, 4 Foot, Gold XXX-Heavy Resistance, With Attachments
SKU: CESS-712081-00008
MPN: 10-5817

The Cando Bungee Cord

Each cord has a snap-hook on one end and a door jamb nub and a loop anchor on the other end. To use, attach snap-hook on one end of bungee cord to D-ring handles, D-ring straps or D-ring anchors. On the other end of the bungee cord, choose from the following options: grip the loop, use the loop as a foot stirrup, or place nub anchor in a door jamb. Use to perform upper or lower body exercises.

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