Cando Kettle Bell

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10-3191 Cando Kettle Bell, 5 Pound, Vinyl-Coated, Yellow
SKU: CESS-712216-00001
MPN: 10-3191
10-3192 Cando Kettle Bell, 7.5 Pound, Vinyl-Coated, Red
SKU: CESS-712216-00002
MPN: 10-3192
10-3193 Cando Kettle Bell, 10 Pound, Vinyl-Coated, Green
SKU: CESS-712216-00003
MPN: 10-3193
10-3194 Cando Kettle Bell, 15 Pound, Vinyl-Coated, Blue
SKU: CESS-712216-00004
MPN: 10-3194
10-3195 Cando Kettle Bell, 20 Pound, Vinyl-Coated, Black
SKU: CESS-712216-00005
MPN: 10-3195
10-3196 Cando Kettle Bell, 25 Pound, Vinyl-Coated, Silver
SKU: CESS-712216-00006
MPN: 10-3196
10-3197 Cando Kettle Bell, 30 Pound, Vinyl-Coated, Gold
SKU: CESS-712216-00007
MPN: 10-3197
10-3199 Cando Kettle Bell 5-Piece Set (5,7.5,10,15,20 Lbs) Vinyl-Coated
SKU: CESS-712216-00008
MPN: 10-3199

Cando Kettle Bells

With vibrant colors making it easy to identify weights. The coating on the weights reduces the potential for floor scratching. The Cando® vinyl-coated kettlebells come marked both in pounds and kilograms.

Country of OriginChina
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