Weighted Cutlery

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61-0022 Weighted Cutlery, Straight,7.3 Oz, Teaspoon
SKU: CESS-712759-00003
MPN: 61-0022
61-0033 Weighted Cutlery, Straight,8 Oz, Soup Spoon
SKU: CESS-712759-00008
MPN: 61-0033
61-0038L Weighted Cutlery, 8 Oz. Left Soup Spoon
SKU: CESS-712759-00013
MPN: 61-0038L
61-0020 Weighted Cutlery, Straight,7.3 Oz, Knife
SKU: CESS-712759-00001
MPN: 61-0020
61-0031 Weighted Cutlery, Straight,8 Oz, Fork
SKU: CESS-712759-00006
MPN: 61-0031
61-0037L Weighted Cutlery, 8 Oz. Left Teaspoon
SKU: CESS-712759-00011
MPN: 61-0037L
61-0023 Weighted Cutlery, Straight,7.3 Oz, Soup Spoon
SKU: CESS-712759-00004
MPN: 61-0023
61-0036L Weighted Cutlery, 8 Oz. Left Fork
SKU: CESS-712759-00009
MPN: 61-0036L
61-0038R Weighted Cutlery, 8 Oz. Right Soup Spoon
SKU: CESS-712759-00014
MPN: 61-0038R
61-0021 Weighted Cutlery, Straight,7.3 Oz, Fork
SKU: CESS-712759-00002
MPN: 61-0021
61-0032 Weighted Cutlery, Straight,8 Oz, Teaspoon
SKU: CESS-712759-00007
MPN: 61-0032
61-0037R Weighted Cutlery, 8 Oz. Right Teaspoon
SKU: CESS-712759-00012
MPN: 61-0037R
61-0030 Weighted Cutlery, Straight,8 Oz, Knife
SKU: CESS-712759-00005
MPN: 61-0030
61-0036R Weighted Cutlery, 8 Oz. Right Fork
SKU: CESS-712759-00010
MPN: 61-0036R

The Weighted Cutlery

Each utensil weighs 7.3 oz. Comfortable grip. Soup spoon has recessed edge and deep bowl to prevent spilling. Straight stainless steel.

Country of OriginChina
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