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42-1215 Low Boy Mobile Whirlpool, L-75-M, 75 Gallon, 52"Lx24"Wx18"D
SKU: CESS-712583-00004
MPN: 42-1215
42-1245 Podiatry Mobile Whirlpool, P-10-M, 10 Gallon, 22"Lx13"Wx12"D
SKU: CESS-712583-00010
MPN: 42-1245
42-1258 Extremity Mobile Whirlpool, E-45-M, 45 Gallon, 32"Wx15"Lx25"D
SKU: CESS-712583-00015
MPN: 42-1258
42-1212 Low Boy Stationary Whirlpool, L-105-S, 105 Gallon- 60"Lx24"Wx18"D
SKU: CESS-712583-00002
MPN: 42-1212
42-1225 High Boy Mobile Whirlpool, H-60-M- 60 Gallon, 36"Lx20"Wx28"D
SKU: CESS-712583-00008
MPN: 42-1225
42-1255 Extremity Mobile Whirlpool With Stand, E-15-Mu, 15 Gallon, 25"Lx13"Wx15"D
SKU: CESS-712583-00013
MPN: 42-1255
42-1053 Adjustable Low-Boy Whirlpool Chair With Belt, 3" Casters
SKU: CESS-712583-00018
MPN: 42-1053
42-1216 Low Boy Mobile Whirlpool, L-90-M, 90 Gallon- 60"Lx24"Wx18"D
SKU: CESS-712583-00005
MPN: 42-1216
42-1251 Extremity Stationary Whirlpool With Stand, E-22-Sp 22 Gallon, 32"Lx15"Wx25"D
SKU: CESS-712583-00011
MPN: 42-1251
42-1051 Adjustable High-Boy Whirlpool Chair With Belt, Rubber Tips
SKU: CESS-712583-00016
MPN: 42-1051
42-1214 Low Boy Mobile Whirlpool, Slant Back, Sb-100-M, 100 Gallon, 76"Lx40"Wx26"D
SKU: CESS-712583-00003
MPN: 42-1214
42-1228 High Boy Mobile Whirlpool, H-105-M, 105 Gallon, 48"Wx24"Wx28"D
SKU: CESS-712583-00009
MPN: 42-1228
42-1256 Extremity Mobile Whirlpool With Stand, E-22-Mu, 22 Gallon, 28"Lx15"Wx18"D
SKU: CESS-712583-00014
MPN: 42-1256
42-1054 Adjustable Low-Boy Whirlpool Chair With Belt, Rubber Tips
SKU: CESS-712583-00019
MPN: 42-1054
42-1211 Low Boy Stationary Whirlpool, L-90-S, 90 Gallon- 60"Lx24"Wx18"D
SKU: CESS-712583-00001
MPN: 42-1211
42-1223 High Boy Stationary Whirlpool, H-105-S, 105 Gallon, 48"Lx24"Wx28"D
SKU: CESS-712583-00007
MPN: 42-1223
42-1253 Extremity Stationary Whirlpool E-45-S, 45 Gallon, 32"Lx15"Wx25"D
SKU: CESS-712583-00012
MPN: 42-1253
42-1052 Adjustable High-Boy Whirlpool Chair With Belt, 3" Casters
SKU: CESS-712583-00017
MPN: 42-1052
Whitehall Whirlpools are recommended for treatment of extremities, hip and back area and allows space for exercising. Whirlpool Tank is seamless welded construction, fabricated from heavy gauge, type 304 stainless steel, polished to a satin finish. Tank rim is reinforced with a concealed stainless steel rod. Tank is fitted with an auxiliary drain valve. Tank bottom is seamless, rounded coved design to minimize bacteria buildup. Tank is also provided with an extended stainless steel skirt flush to the floor line to conceal internal drain piping. Heavy Duty Swivel Casters support all mobile models. Rear pair of casters are lockable for stabilizing whirlpool during treatment. A 2
Country of OriginUnited States Of America
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