Firefly DE550 Handheld Digital Wireless Lithium-Ion Video Otoscope w/50x magnification

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The Firefly DE550 Handheld Digital Wireless Lithium Ion Video Otoscope w/50x magnification enables healthcare professionals to wirelessly observe or record real time images and video of the patients ear canal and tympanic membrane on their computer.


Firefly DE550 is the industry’s most advanced wireless handheld digital otoscope with image snapshot and video capture capabilities. Its advanced technology boasts wireless convenience, high resolution, and crystal clarity. The DE550  streams high quality live video at 30fps  and 15x-50x magnification. With a wireless link and a 3 hour Lithium battery, the DE550 provides complete flexibility in situations where an immediate power source is unavailable. It provides high precision for observing the external ear, ear canal and eardrum. It is a versatile tool that can be used as an Otoscope,  Earscope, & Auriscope.

Besides its typical professional uses, the Firefly DE550 is great for personal use and eductation. It can be used for self examinations, and as  a learning tool in acadamic environments. The DE550 can provide general illumination of the throat and/or nasal cavities or assessing flexibility of the tympanic membrane.


Easy to Use: The DE550 allows you to view images, take standard photos, and record videos. It is easy to take a snapshot by with just the touch of a button button or by intuitive software controls on your pc.

Storable, Comparable, & Shareable: Images can be saved over the patient's lifetime, used for real time reference/comparison, and shared with others when you need to for EMR (Electronic Medical Records), consultation, patient education, or remote health care.

SophisticatedSoftware: The DE550 is controlled directly with the FireflyPro professional image processing software which is bundled with the microscope.  Firefly Pro image processing software is state-of-the art software that enables users to capture, store, recall, view, manipulate and measure images and videos in real time. The software has an intuitive interface that empowers users to get right to work anytime, anywhere.

Key Features:

  • Performs highly accurate and clear observations of the ear canal 
  • Wirelessly captures snapshots & videos 
  • Integrates easily with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems 
  • Magnifies objects up to 50x (optical) and up to 150x (digital) 
  • Sensor Resolution: 0.35M pixels. (720x480)
  • Still Image Resolution: 720x480 pixels (Format: BMP). Video Resolution: 720x480 pixels (Formats: YUY2, AVI, Frame Rate: 30FPS).
  • Magnification: 15x - 50x (Native Optical), 15x - 150x (Digital).
  • Lens Assembly: Dual Lenses, 3-Layer Glass, 650nm cutoff. Lighting: 4 Ultra-Bright LEDs, fully adjustable brightness.
  • Battery: Built-in 850mAH, more than 3 hours continuous usage. 
  • Snapshot Button: Built-in snapshot button.
  • Wireless Link: 2.4GHz / 4 Channels. 
  • Interface: USB 2.0 for Wireless Receiver. Transmits within a range up to 30ft.
  • Firefly Pro Software: Scalable Window, Zoom, Freeze, Resolution, Rotate, Flip, Region of Interest (ROI), Real time measurements, Automatic/Manual white balance. Supports Win8/7/XP and MacOS-X 10.4 or higher.
  • FDA & CE Registered
Manufacturer Firefly Global
Unit of Measure (UOM) Each
Warranty 1 Year
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