Flow Dental Butterfly Barrier Packet Intraoral X-Ray Film

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Wolf X-Ray 14135 True Image Lead Glasses with Perforated Brow Guard shield against radiation exposure. The Radiation Safety Glasses feature a perforated brow guard and silicone nose guard as well as rubberized soft tip temple bars. Wolf X-Ray Radiation Safety Eyewear features SF6 (Dense Flint) type lead-glass, with 0.75mm lead equivalency lenses and 0.5mm lead equivalency lateral side shield protection. True Image Lead Glasses weigh in at 2.4 oz (frame and lens), preventing the wearer from feeling encumbered during long hours of work. Multiple color options are available. Lead Protective Glasses by Wolf X-Ray are proudly made in the USA.

Butterfly X-Ray Film is available in child and adult sizes, single and double film packets, and D and F speeds. Butterfly Barrier Packet Film is suitable for any intraoral film application, but is ideal for operatory or endodontic situations when keeping film clean of debris is critical. Flow Dental X-Ray Film is proudly made in the USA.

  • Translucent outer barrier packet protects film
  • Packet securely sealed through film placement and removal
  • Unique wings easily pull packet open away from film
  • Keeps film clean of saliva, blood, and other debris
  • Ideal for operatory or endodontic situations
  • Sizes 0 (Child) and 2 (Adult) available
  • Size 0 dimensions are 0.875 x 1.375 in (22 x 35 mm)
  • Size 2 dimensions are 1.25 x 1.625 in (31 x 41 mm)
  • Available in single and double film packets
  • Double films allow for additional copy of each exposure
  • D and F Speeds available
  • D Speed offers high contrast, resolution
  • F Speed lowers exposure time
  • Proudly made in the USA
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