Flow Dental DV-54 / DV-53 Pediatric Intraoral X-Ray Film

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Pediatric Dental X-Ray Film is available in standard size 0 and is ideal for anterior, posterior, and bite-wing x-ray exams. DV-54/DV-53 D Speed X-Ray Film is similar to Kodak Ultra Speed film and may be processed manually or automatically. Intraoral Child X-Ray Film is available in two packaging options: single or double film packets. The Pedo Pak is available in cases of 5,000 films packaged in 50 boxes of 100. The Twin D Pedo Pak offers an additional film per packet for a second copy of each x-ray and is available in cases of 1,200 double film packs packaged in 12 boxes of 100. Flow Dental X-Ray Film is proudly made in the USA.

  • D Speed - Child Size 0
  • High contrast film produces excellent resolution and detail
  • Available in packets of one or two films
  • Two films per packet provide additional copy of each x-ray
  • Soft, flexible vinyl exterior for patient comfort
  • Ideal for anterior, posterior, and bite-wing exams
  • Compare to Kodak Ultra-Speed
  • Film can be processed manually or automatically
  • Size 0 dimensions are 0.875 x 1.375 in (22 x 35 mm)
  • Pedo Pak contains 100 films/box, 50 boxes/case (5,000 films)
  • Pedo Twin Pak contains 100 double films/box, 12 boxes/case (1,200 packets w/ 2,400 films)
  • Proudly made in the USA
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