Flow Dental Endodontic X-Ray Positioning Replacement Parts

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The stainless steel construction and OR quality make the Sklartech 5000 Microscissor ideal for hospitals and specialty clinics. The Sklartech 5000 Microscissor will last and remain dependable for medical personnel, thanks to the durable surgical steel construction. Look to QuickMedical for all of your medical instrument needs, including our full line of Scissors.

Endodontic Radiology is used to by endodontists to help diagnose and check on success of root canal operations. Flow Dental's Endodontic Positioners include a special bite-block that conveniently fits over clamps, files, and dams without touching the patient's tooth. The Bite-Blocks fit in all areas of the mouth and can be used with size 1 or 2 x-ray film. Dental Aiming Rings, Indicator Arms, and Bite Blocks can be sterilized using a steam autoclave. Use of the autoclave's drying cycle is not recommended, nor is the use of ultrasonic cleaners, cold sterilizing solutions, or other chemical treatments. Flow Dental Positioning Devices are proudly made in the USA.

  • Designed specifically for endodontic x-rays
  • Aiming Rings, Indicator Arms, and Bite-Blocks available
  • Right angle positioning to eliminate cone cutting
  • Bite-block fits over clamps, files, and dams without touching tooth
  • Accommodates film size 1 or 2
  • Autoclavable
  • Proudly made in the USA
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