Flow Dental RAPD Intraoral X-Ray Positioning Replacement Parts

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The Seca Growth Charts are the fast, convenient way to track the length / height, weight, head circumference and Body-Mass-Index percentiles per age. The Seca Growth Percentage Charts are available in two age groups. The birth to 36 month charts have Length-for-age and Weight-for-age percentiles on one side and Head circumference-for-age and Weight-for-length percentile on the back. The 2 to 20 year old charts have Stature-for-age and Weight-for-age percentiles on the front. Plot new born up to 36 months on the Seca Gender Specific Growth Chart and children from 2 to 20 years on the Seca Gender Specific Age Appropriate Growth Chart. Both age group growth charts are color coded according to their specific uses; blue for boys and pink for girls.

Positioning Parts available include aiming rings, indicator arms, and bite-blocks for anterior, posterior, and bite-wing exams. Bite Blocks for Bite-Wing exams are sized to match film size (0-3) and all bite blocks feature rounded corners and flexibility for easy loading and unloading. Included tabs ensure film and phosphor plates will not fall out during x-rays.

Each piece of the RAPiD system can be sterilized using a steam autoclave. Use of the autoclave's drying cycle is not recommended, nor is the use of ultrasonic cleaners, cold sterilizing solutions, or other chemical treatments. Flow Dental Positioning Devices are proudly made in the USA.

  • Components used for positioning during anterior, posterior, and bite-wing exams
  • Color-coded for easy assembly
  • Used with intraoral dental x-ray film
  • Compatible with any brand and size (0, 1, 2, or 3) of dental film
  • Right angle design ensures correct film / cone alignment, preventing cone cutting
  • Rounded corners on bite blocks for improved patient comfort
  • Soft, light plastic adds flexibility
  • Autoclavable
  • Proudly made in the USA
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