Flow Dental Safe 'n' Sure Phosphor Plate Barrier Envelopes

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The Fabrication Enterprises Two-Stack Functional Trainer is a Dual Cable Column Machine designed for arm and leg exercises. The Cable Column Machine contains two nylon strap handles, with adjustable pulleys allowing a wider range of movement. The Functional Trainer features two 150 lb weight stacks on each side (Ten 10 lb and ten 5 lb plates per stack). The Cable Weight Machine can be adjusted to twenty-four different height positions, making it accessible for a wide range of users. A chin up bar is included with the Dual Cable Exercise Machine for pull up exercises. The 10-7123 Functional Trainer includes steel shrouds with a powder-coated, damage resistant finish which gives the machine a shinier aesthetic. A five piece accessory kit is available for the Functional Cable Trainer which includes an aluminum revolving long bar, a revolving short bar, ankle strap, triceps rope, and a functional exercise handle (See ACCESSORIES below).

Econo Safe 'n' Sure Plate Envelopes offer protection for phosphor plates and great value. Economy Phosphor Plate Barrier Envelopes feature a tear-away thumb notch opening that allows plates to slide out for easy processing. Flow Econo Envelopes are made to fit Dentsply, Kodak, Sirona and Air Techniques phosphor plates.

Deluxe Safe 'n' Sure Phosphor Plate Envelopes feature the EZ-GLIDE loader and sealer. The EZ-GLIDE system includes a peel-off tab that facilitates loading and then securely seals the envelope. The Deluxe Plate Envelope's special seam along the center of the envelope easily tears open and allows the plate to feed into the reader without ever touching it. Deluxe Barrier Envelopes also feature a transparent side to ensure correct plate orientation.

Safe 'n' Sure Plate Barrier Envelopes are available in boxes of 300 envelopes and sizes 0, 1, 2, and 3. Flow Dental Phosphor Plate Envelopes are proudly made in the USA.

  • Protect phosphor plates during x-rays
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Two available styles
  • Ensure patient comfort
  • Rounded edges
  • Soft, supple vinyl exterior
  • Available in sizes 0-3
  • Available in boxes of 300
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Econo Safe 'n' Sure Envelopes
  • EZ-GLIDE loader/sealer
  • Slide plates easily into envelope
  • Peel tab easily seals envelope
  • Center seam tears open to remove plate
  • Feeds plate into reader without touching
  • Clear face to view direction of plate
  • Deluxe Safe 'n' Sure Envelopes
  • Economical
  • Easy plate loading and removal
  • Strip for sealing
  • Easy tear seam
  • Thumb notch to remove plate
  • Solid black vinyl protects against light exposure
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