Flow Dental True Blue Panoramic X-Ray Film

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Wolf Rare Earth X-Ray Intensifying Screens use rare earth phosphors to intensify x-ray film and reduce exposure time, resulting in high quality x-ray images faster than without the use of intensifying screens and faster than the use of calcium tungstate screens. Rare Earth Intensifying Screens are available using either green or blue emitting x-ray phosphors. X-Ray Intensifying Screens assist in reducing the patient's radiation exposure and result in sharper x-ray images, and are available in green fine, medium, and regular speeds and available in blue regular/high speed. Generally, screens with slower speed result in more detailed images, but at the cost of longer patient exposure to radiaiton, while the faster the speed the lower the exposure time and image quality.

Blue Sensitive Dental Film is available in 5 x 12 and 6 x 12 inch film and in cases of 250 films packaged in 5 boxes of 50. Flow Dental X-Ray Film is proudly made in the USA.

  • Full speed, high contrast blue sensitive dental x-ray film
  • Ideal for all panoramic imaging
  • For use with all brands of blue emitting, calcium tungstate intensifying screens
  • Available in 5 x 12 and 6 x 12 in sheets
  • Package contains 50 films/box, 5 boxes/case (250 films)
  • Proudly made in the USA
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