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Gomco ® Model 3810 / 3840 High Vacuum Pumps Gomco ® surgical pumps are engineered for control of suction in surgical and delivery-room service. A conveniently located gauge and regulating valve provide simple control. All models include a hospital approved three conductor cord, without electrical plug. The stand mounted units feature an easy to clean stainless steel top, large capacity steam sterilizable collection bottles with positive shut-off float assembly, non-oiling maintenance free diaphragm pumps, sound proofing, convenient storage drawer, 3" electrically conductive non-marking casters and tubing. Model 3810 - (CESS-1334-00) This mobile unit utilizes one 2800 ml polycarbonate plastic collection bottle, ideal for major surgery. An oilless, maintenance free diaphragm pump gives hours of continuous high flow/high vacuum level use. MODEL 3840 - (CESS-8839-00) Designed for larger collection capacity, where required, with easy to operate lever control that brings second collection bottle into immediate use. Both 2800 ml polycarbonate plastic collection bottles can be sterilized by all normal means, including steam autoclaving. This unit features the same high flow/high vacuum level maintenance free diaphragm pump as described in Model 3810.
Includeshospital approved three conductor cord
ExcludesElectrical Plug
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