Hausmann Crank Hydraulic Work Tables

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The Hausmann Oak Work Table can be used for rehabilitation and therapy activities of patients. The table has a sturdy and reliable design. Its ergonomics make it a suitable choice for therapists, clinicians and care providers.

Durable and Sturdy:

The table is designed with durable and sturdy materials. The top is made of a 1-1/8” natural oak laminate sheet and does not deform and bend under pressure. It can bear a load of up to 250lbs. The chassis and base plate are also made of oak laminate, providing stable and reliable support to the loaded top.

Smooth Hydraulic System:

The table has a high-quality hydraulic lift system installed. A nicely placed hand crank is used for adjusting the table’s height. The hydraulic system is highly reliable and can withstand heavy load and repeated use. The cranked hydraulics support a height adjustment from 29” to 41”.


The table is specially designed for therapeutic and rehabilitation work. It has ample space for 2 or 4 wheelchairs and therapists, depending on the model. The spacious top provides ample space for a lot of sitting and standing activities. To accommodate the wheelchairs, the base of the table is recessed to the center of the top. The absence of legs also helps as there is no hindrance for the wheelchairs.


  • Space for multiple wheelchairs and therapists
  • Hand crank operated hydraulic system
  • Height adjustment up to 12"
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