Health o meter 402KL Physician Beam Scale with Height Rod

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The Health O meter Professional Eye Level Balance Beam Scale is one of the most durable and long lasting beam scales used and trusted by health care professionals. Built to last for years, it's powder coating protects it from rust and extends the life of the scale. Made with heavy duty steel for improved strength and reliability, this balance beam scale can handle highly demanding weighing applications.

Basic Scale model is equipped with rotating poise bars for pounds and kilograms and also has a lock-in mechanism for error-free operation. To ensure accuracy, each scale is calibrated before it leaves the factory. The poise bars have permanent, engraved numbers for long lasting readability.


  • Included height rod
  • Powder coating for extended life & rust resistance
  • Provided 500 lbs capacity range depending on model
  • Equipped with silent slide for smooth & easy measuring
  • Optional wheels, counterweights & fixed poise bar
Advantages: Powder Coated Fabrication:

Powder coating inside and out protects it from rust, extending the life of the scale.

Height Rod Included:

The easy-to-use height rod provides height measurements from 23” to 84” / 60 cm - 213 cm.

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