Humanscale 2G90011RG 2G Height-Adjustable Keyboard System W/ Right-Hand Swivel Mouse Platform

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The Humanscale 2G Height-Adjustable Keyboard System w/ Right-Hand Swivel Mouse Platform

The 2G is the second-generation Freedom Arm with independent height and tilt adjustment and unmatched stability. The 2G keyboard system encourages neutral, low-risk postures by allowing the user to lean back in his chair with relaxed upper body and straight wrists. This articulating keyboard system can provide serious protection from a variety of musculoskeletal disorders. Keyboard System Features: Adjusts effortlessly - A simple one-handed motion allows the keyboard to be repositioned instantly, without the use of locks or levers Encourages low-risk postures - They do not allow users to adjust their keyboards into a positive slope (angled toward the user), which is a high-risk keyboarding position Non-intrusive - All Humanscale keyboard mechanisms offer total knee clearance Made of powder-coated steel to exacting standards, they will provide years and years of healthy use 6.25" height adjustability Easy dial-a-tilt 8" Swivel Mouse platform Slim and durable phenolic platform Technogel palm support Platform Tilt Adjustment 0° to -15° Height Adjustment 6 1/4" (1 1/4" above track to 5" below track) Base Swivel 360° Standard Track Length 21 3/4" End of Track to Beginning of Platform 6" Max Depth Below Bottom of Keyboard 1/2" 2G90011RG

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