Humanscale LCD Monitor Flat Panel Filter W/ Tempered Glass

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The Humanscale LCD Monitor Flat Panel Filter w/ Tempered Glass

Specifically designed for today's flat panel LCD monitors, our Flat Panel Filters are easy to install and provide all the great eye protection benefits of our top-selling Universal Contour Filters. Features: Meets or exceeds all applicable requirements of MIL-C-675, MIL-C-48497, MIL-C-14806A for long term eye protection Easy installation using adjustable brackets Fits monitors up to 2" thick Static Field Reduction of 9% UV Shielding: 95%; UVA: 77.4%; UVB: 100% Optical Qualities - Photopic reflectance of .25% or less Six layers of superior optical coating on each side reduce up to 99% of glare and reflections Coatings are molecularly bonded to glass, using vacuum deposition technology Minimalist design maintains monitor aesthetic Sizes available to fit monitors with diagonal screen size of 15" to 21" (dimensions: 14 1/8" x 10 1/2") FP15 FP17 FP19

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