Innerspace SP21YF Pace 21, Yellow Frame, 33"H

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Cart has a 2 3"-, 1 6"-, and 1 9"-high drawer configuration. The cart accommodates a variety of interior and exterior accessories. The cart has a lightweight aluminum case, durable bumper and base, seamless work surface with raised edges, 5" medical-grade casters, and keyed lock.

Keep pace with supply storage and transport. Keep pace with work flow. Keep pace with patient care.

Pace carts are mobile, easy to maneuver, secure, and adaptable to change. Five cart heights, two widths, three drawer sizes, and a variety of accessories let you target supply storage for specific treatments and departments.


  • Antimicrobial top surface and drawer pulls
  • Full-swivel, 5" lockable medical-grade casters
  • Lightweight aluminum case
  • Clean design, minimal seams
  • Rail-attached accessories are easy to attach and remove
  • Quiet movement, easy to maneuver
  • Durable rounded bumpers protect walls and doors from damage
Materials and Finishes:
  • Keyed, keypad, proximity, and dual access locks
  • Back- and side-mounted accessories
  • Drawer organization accessories
  • 3"- and 4"-high casters for under-counter applications
Unit of Measure (UOM)Each
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