Lumex Patriot Semi-Electric Homecare Beds

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Core Products PRO-904 8" Fluffy Positioning Bolster is perfect for providing support under the feet, arms, legs, and other areas. With a width similar to most treatment tables, the Bolster Pillow is ideal for clinical or home use. The Bolster Pillow is made from soft fiber and is encased in a vinyl cover for easy cleaning. An attached strap at the end of the Positioning Bolster allows for easy repositioning and is resistant to tears and fraying. Core Products 8" Fluffy Positioning Bolsters are proudly made in the USA.

Featuring head and foot sections that can be raised or lowered simultaneously or independently with one hand control, Patriot Semi-Electric Beds offer versatility without complexity. The Lumex Adjustable Bed has a lift range of 60 degrees for the head and 30 degrees for the legs. The entire Patriot Bed can be raised or lowered from 15 to 24 in for easy access and comfort.

The Lumex Homecare Bed motor unit operates smoothly and quietly. In the case of a power outage, the Hospital Bed can be lowered with just a 9 volt battery in order to evacuate patients. The Patriot is available with decorative walnut fiberboard or high-impact plastic bed-ends. The locking pins have lanyards attaching them to the bed frame, preventing loss. The entire Patriot Semi-Electric Bed assembles easily from just five separate pieces. Head and foot extensions are also available - See accessories below.

The Patriot is available with several different rail options. The Lumex Homecare Bed is available without rails, with standard rail options, or with FDA rail options. FDA rails have smaller gaps to prevent patients from being entrapped. The Lumex Beds also have a anti-microbial finish for patient safety, and meet relevant HCPCS requirements.

Lumex Patriot Adjustable Beds are proudly made in the USA.

  • Patient weight capacity is 350 lbs (450 lbs with mattress, rails, and accessories)
  • Electric motor operates smoothly and quietly
  • Motor unit can be activated with just a single standard 9 volt battery duing a power failure
  • The head and foot sections can be raised or lowered simultaneously or independently
  • Welded steel frame has no links, springs, or external pinch points
  • Supportive grid deck will not sag or bottom out
  • Assembles easily with just five components
  • Available with fiberboard decorative walnut or high-impact plastic bed-ends
  • Slots in frame to ensure proper rail placement
  • Locking pins secure bed ends to sleep deck
  • Choice of no rails, standard rail options, or FDA rail options
  • SilverSolutions anti-microbial finish
  • Designed to meet the requirements of applicable HCPCS codes
  • 8 in head and foot extensions available - See accessories below
  • Proudly made in the USA
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