Lumex Shower Stretcher with Waterproof Foam Pad

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Not only the optimal solution in terms of patient health, the Waterproof Stretcher also offers the maneuverability to make this the bathing bed ideal for hospitals and other large health care facilities. With six (4 locking, 2 non-locking) 4 inch heavy-duty, threaded-stem casters that provide easy maneuverability and helps to eliminate sagging the Lumex Patient Shower Stretcher is functional and comfortable for the patient.

Patient comfort is increased with Lumex's ergonomic curved rails providing support without sharp edges, three-position elevating headrest, and beveled pillow. Dropable side safety railings allow for a barrier-free transfer and are secured with user-friendly locking pins, ensuring both comfort and safety. The Lumex Medical Stretcher is made in the USA.

  • Weight Capacity: 600 lbs
  • Weight capacity of 350 lbs for 8005
  • Weight capacity of 600 lbs for 9005
  • Includes closed-cell waterproof foam pad with drainage holes
  • Durable cover is easy to clean and will not promote bacteria growth
  • Full length drain pan with attached hose
  • Quick-drying mesh
  • 3-position elevating headrest and beveled pillow
  • Drop side safety railings secured with user-friendly lock pins
  • Ergonomic curved rails
  • Made from health care grade PVC material
  • Six 4 inch heavy-duty casters
  • Center casters provide easy maneuverability and helps eliminate sagging
  • Threaded stem casters
  • Anti-slip handgrips
  • Proudly made in the USA
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