NK Medical Standard Infant Cribs

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BR Surgical Optomic® Wide Field ENT Microscopes feature excellent LED illumination and image quality in a compact and modern design. Optomic® ENT Microscopes include a stereoscopic, straight binocular head with 12.5x wide field eyepieces and a double hinged arm with smooth and precise movements. The arm can be folded to minimum dimensions to save on space and the head may be placed in any desired position to allow the specialist to adopt an ergonomic posture. Optomic® Microscopes feature a 3-step or 5-step Galilei magnification changer and large diameter lenses.

Infant Crib sleeping systems have a non-helical design and are constructed from a solid pan of metal rather than a spring design. Hospital Cribs feature four 5 inch swivel caster wheels, two braking, which allow for safe and easy maneuvering. Medical Cribs are available with either chrome or epoxy finish and are ideal for all hospitals and pediatric clinics.

Sleeping Surface options for the Pediatric Cribs include a Flat deck, a Flat-Trendelenburg deck, and a Fowler deck. The Flat-Trendelenburg deck allows children to lie down flat or in a position where their feet are elevated above their heads. The Fowler Deck allows children to lie down in a position where their heads are elevated. Flat deck cribs do not have any adjustable sections.

Optional accessories are available to for Pediatric Cribs including mattresses, wall bumpers, and scales - See accessories below.

NK Medical Cribs are proudly made in the USA.

  • Easy access safety gates with 2 side drop rails
  • Choice of 4 rails or 2 side rails with Plexiglas head and foot ends
  • Solid metal pan deck
  • Four 5 inch swivel caster wheels, 2 for braking
  • Chrome or epoxy finish
  • Available with Flat, Flat-Trendelenburg, or Fowler decks
  • Flat deck cribs have no adjustable sections
  • Trendelenburg position for elevating child's feet above their head while lying down
  • Fowler position for elevating head and back
  • Optional accessories are available - See accessories below
  • Proudly made in the USA
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