Novum Medical Enthermics Blanket Warmers

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Freer and Cottle Surgical Septum Elevators from BR Surgical are used to gently lift and separate tissue from bone or cartilage during delicate operations. BR Surgical Septum Elevators are ideal for use during cosmetic or reconstructive surgery of the sinus and nasal passages. BR Surgical Septum Elevators are manufactured to the highest standards and constructed of corrosion-resistant materials to ensure a long life with minimal maintenance.

To help with monitoring inventory levels, the Warming Cabinet door contains a single pane glass window which has been coated to reflect heat back into the chamber. Interior lighting helps provide a comfortable blue glow and has an adjustable intensity in addition to turning off. The current programmed settings are stored in memory in case of a power failure so that the Medical Blanket Warmer can return to the desired temperature once power is restored. The Warming Cabinets feature a push-button opening to make loading easier and an electronic control for easier temperature management.

Novum Enthermics™ Blanket Warmers are available in a variety of sizes and are proudly made in the USA.

  • Holds approximately 20 - 25 blankets
  • Temperature range of 98° to 180°F
  • Steel exterior casing coated in white epoxy
  • Current Programming stored in case of power failure
  • Push-button door release
  • Includes electronic control
  • Energy efficient heating system prevents overheating
  • Multiple zone heating ensures safe temperature ranges
  • Balanced heating system for minimal heat loss and low energy consumption
  • Soft corners and curved accents for aesthetically pleasing look
  • Adjustable interior lighting with off and intensity settings
  • LED lit interior provides a comforting blue glow
  • Single pane glass window in door
  • Proudly made in the USA
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