Chattanooga 2029 Optiflex CPM Shoulder Device

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The Optiflex CPM Shoulder Device

Introducing the OptiFlex®S, a true innovation that will totally alter your perceptions about shoulder CPM. A Completely New Design! Just one look at the OptiFlex S tells you how different it really is.

Gone is the clunky, outdated shoulder CPM of the past. A compact, self-contained unit that can be folded up for easy transport, the OptiFlex S offers maximum usability for patients in the hospital or at home. 2 year warranty.

This newer, more streamlined design offers:

  • Precise, anatomical motion with natural alignment
  • Patented simple method to change set-up from left to right
  • Ergonomic rest for the healthy arm and an adjustable patient chair
  • CSA, UL tested Outstanding Innovation and Technology

OptiFlex S brings you the apex of modern, easy-to-use technology with the introduction of the OptiCard™. This compact chip card stores individual treatment data and patient compliance. The OptiCard, which is about the size of a credit card, slides easily into the pendant, controlling the precise angles, speed, and motion. A patient lockout feature prevents patient settings from being altered.

Unit of Measure (UOM)Each
Warranty2 Years
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