Pediatric Flowmeter, Oxygen

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The Pediatric Flowmeter, Oxygen

EXTREME ACCURACY WHEN IT COUNTS Glass Flowtube… The glass flowtube assures consistent readings and allows superb accuracy for precise low flow requirements. "Stork" Safety Label… With the glance of an eye, the stork label quickly identifies the low flow flowmeter, preventing accidental use of wrong flowmeter in neonatal application. Shock Protection… The spring above the flowtube and the rubber flow tube bushing absorbs shock to protect the glass tube from breakage. Warranty… All flowmeters are backed with a five year warranty on the needle valve and a lifetime warranty on the housing. Black Glass Float Indicator… The black glass float enhances visibility in order to assure accurate flow settings. Durable Housing... The polycarbonate housing is strong and durable. It is impervious to chemical solutions normally used in a clinical setting. Front Flow Control Knob… The flow control knob is on the front of the flowmeter in clear sight of the operator. Side mount knobs are susceptible to damage during installation of additional equipment. Flow Range 0-200 cc 0-1 LPM 0-3 LPM Gas Oxygen Oxygen Oxygen Scale Single Taper Single Taper Single Taper Increments 20 cc starts at 20 cc .1 LPM starts at .1 LPM .125 LPM from .125-1 LPM .25 LPM from 1-3 LPM Accuracy + 10 cc from 0-100cc + 14 cc from 100-200 cc + .05 LPM + .15 LPM

WarrantyHousing: Lifetime Warranty; Needle Valves : 5 Year Warranty
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