Pedigo 5110 General Transport Stretcher with 500 lb Capacity

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Includes: Stainless steel glide and tuck side rails; Full PVC perimeter bumper; Pneumatic assist; True directional steering

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Pedigo 5110 General Transport Stretcher with 500 lbs. capacity

Note: Shown with optional mattress - sold separately.  Mattress options are available at the bottom of this page.

The full-function 5110 Series General Transport Stretchers provide versatile and economical patient transportation. This non-hydraulic adjustable stretcher is available in two widths: the 29.5" model 5110-N, and the 33.5" model 5110-W.

Rail System

Easy to wipe clean and disinfect, full length tuck-away side rails allow for easier patient transfer by creating a zero transfer gap. Rails feature a release latch centrally located on either side of the litter top under the patient surface.

Pneumatic Assist Fowler

Provides additional assistance for the safe and easy raising and lowering of the patient.


A single pneumatic cylinder assists in placing the litter top in Trendelenburg/position.

Center Column Support

Sturdy steel column design with five fixed litter top height positions to choose from: 28”, 29”, 30”, 31” or 32”.

True Direction Steering

For improved stretcher control, engage the True Direction Steering system. The steer caster located at the patient’s right foot end of the stretcher will lock once the steering pedal is applied.


  • 500 lb. weight capacity
  • True Direction steering (TDS)
  • Side rails- full length, single release
  • Center column support
  • Pneumatic assist positive and negative Trendelenburg
  • 8" casters with central lock and/or steering with controls from all four corners
  • Four corner IV pole receptacles
  • Full PVC perimeter bumper (grey)
  • Epoxy powder coat Finish
  • Pneumatic assist fowler 400 N (90#) force
  • Brake and Steer activated foot pedals
  • Latex-Free

Speficifications for Narrow vs Wide models:

Model Number 5110-N Stretcher 5110-W Stretcher
Overall Length 83" (210.8 cm) 83" (210.8 cm)
Overall Width 29.5" (74.9 cm) 33.5" (85 cm)
Height Range    
Low 28" 28"
High 32" 32"



Accessory 5110-N 5110-W Accessory 5110-N 5110-W
X-Ray Board     IV Pole Options    
Full 750203 750204 Fixed Height 2101 same
Partial 750205 750206 Adjustable/ Removable 5984001 same
Mattresses:     Adjustable/ Attached 750501 750502
3" Standard (black) 5828002 5831002 Fold Down 59175001 same
3" Premium (blue) 5850002 5852002 IV Pole Caddy 59163001 same
4" Standard (black) 5829002 5832002 Push/ Pull Bar Options:    
4" Premium (blue) 5851002 5853002 Push/ Pull Bar (removable) 5985001 5986001
4" Pressure Relief 5833002 5834002 Bar Pad 5704001 5705001
5" Premium (blue) special order 5855002 5856002 Chart Holder 5967001 same
Restraint straps Options:     Monitor Tray Board 59115001 59116001
Velcro (pair) 5903001 same Knee Flex:    
Buckle (pair) 5904001 same Hand Crank 750201 750202
Side Rail Options:     Hydraulic 750208 750209 
CuVerro Antimicrobial Rails 750302 same      
Rail Pad (pair) 5716001 same       

Additional Specifications:
Reverse Trendelenburg-7 degrees
Trendelenburg12 degrees
Not IncludedMattress
IncludesStainless steel glide and tuck side rails; Full PVC perimeter bumper; Pneumatic assist; True directional steering
Warranty1 Year Parts & Labor
Height Range23" to 32.75"
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