SchureMed Armboard

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Features Include: Pull finger-trigger, Swings 180?, Adhesive backed hook & loop fastener, Extremely durable and radiolucent
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This standard-sized surgical armboard moves the patient's arms and shoulders into multiple positions. This accommodates a wide-range of patients and their procedural needs, as well as operating room staff positioning around the table. Fits all standard U.S. operating room table side rails and is lightweight, extremely durable and radiolucent.


  • Simply place armboard on O.R. table side rail and it snaps locked tight
  • Armboard offers a full-range of motion, swings 180?
  • Pull finger-trigger at end of armboard and quickly move to required position. Release trigger and it locks tight. To remove, just pull finger-trigger and lift off side rail
  • 2" (5 cm) conductive vinyl covered doam pad sold separately: choose Deluxe or Softcare
  • Pad attaches to armboard with adhesive backed hook & loop fastener
  • Attaches to rail of surgical table at any point on rail
  • Single-person installation
  • Push release trigger
  • Product not made with (NRL) Natural Rubber Latex
  • Device supports 500 lbs (227 kg) proportional patient load (6'4" (193 cm) tall patient per 99% human body model)
  • Product warranty covers product from manufacturing defects for period of 2 years
  • Product is maintenance-free, check product condition before next use
  • Life of device is 5 years under normal use
  • Store device between -4?F to +86?F (-20?C to 30?C)

Required Pad: Choose one

  • 2" (5 cm) Deluxe Armboard Pad - 508-0071
  • 2" (5 cm) Softcare Armboard Pad - 508-0151

Instructions for Use:

Become familiar with patient positioning device's features before use with patient. Always practice on a nurse, physician or appropriate volunteer prior to using clinically.

Attaching Armboard to Table

  • Attach Armboard onto surgical table side rail. Armboard can be attached anywhere along the surgical table side rail

Adjusting Armboard

  • Pull Directional Trigger (outer most trigger), rotate to desired position, release to lock

Detaching Armboard from Surgical Table

  • Press Release Trigger (trigger closest to the table connection) and lift Armboard from table

Intended Use: Intended Use is to hold patient's arm - range of motion is 180?.


  • General - Prevent infection by cleaning and disinfecting product before disposal
  • Packaging - Dispose packaging material via household waste according to national requirements
  • SchureMed accepts back used or retired products - or dispose of product in accordance with national requirements

Product Use Warnings:

Maximum load should not exceed appropriate proportion of a patient weighing 500 lbs. (227 kg). Use care with low-maximum load capacity surgical tables that accessory rails are not overloaded.

Cleaning Recommendation: Follow current Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) Journal Guidelines for proper cleaning and disinfection procedure.

Caution: Strictly read/follow manufacturer's directions for cleaning fluids. DO NOT use cleaners containing phenolics.

  • Remove major contaminants from accessory with disposable materials. Follow appropriate bio-hazard waste disposal procedures
  • Apply cleaning fluid liberally to entire accessory and wipe with clean, lint-free cloth until all moisture and cleaning fluid is removed from accessory
  • Let accessory dry
Additional Specifications:
  • Product Type: Armboard
  • Dimensions: 26.5" (L) x 6" (W) x 2.5" (H)
  • Size: Standard
  • Radiolucent: Yes
  • Swings: 180?
  • Product Use Warning: Hazard resulting from incorrect use
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