SchureMed Pediatric E-Z Lift Stirrups Pair

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Features Include: Axial rotation, E-Z Lift, Adjusts with a single clamp, externally rotates out 20?
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The Pediatric E-Z Lift Stirrups are easy-to-use with exclusive axial rotation from the handle for superior patient positioning. Boot adjusts with a single clamp which simplifies patient positioning. Boot pads included.


  • Exclusive axial rotation from the handle for superior patient positioning
  • E-Z Lift feature easily control the patient's leg when moving it into the operative position
  • Floating boot automatically adjusts when repositioning the pediatric boot stirrup
  • Range: Abduction 25?, Adduction 9?, Lithotomy range of 75? to -30? & externally rotates out 20?
  • Single-person installation
  • Connects to seat section of surgical table
  • Product not made with (NRL) Natural Rubber Latex
  • Product warranty covers product from manufacturing defects for period of 2 years
  • Life of device is 5 years under normal use
  • Store device between -4?F to +86?F

Required Accessory: Purchase Two

  • SpringLoc Clamp - 800-0338

Replacement Pads

  • PUPS Replacement Boot Pads - 508-1295

Instructions for Use:

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  • Attach SpringLoc Clamps P/N 800-0338 on accessory rails in same locations on opposite sides of surgical table at patient's hip joints
  • Prior to placing device into SpringLoc Clamp, identify patient's left and right side stirrup indicated on boot label
  • Insert stirrup blade into clamp. Tighten clamp by turning handle to the right
  • Ensure patient is positioned on surgical table in accordance with procedure and surgeon requirements
  • WARNING! To prevent patient or operator injury from inadvertent stirrup movement, securely tighten accessory clamp and boot clamp.

  • Support patient's leg by grasping heel in one hand and underside of knee with other hand. Gently flex knees and transfer leg into boot, then secure boot straps
  • To achieve appropriate leg/foot position, loosen boot clamp. Adjust boot to desired position and re-tighten clamp. Ensure patient's heels are securely seated in heels of boots
  • To achieve appropriate lithotomy and abduction positions, squeeze trigger, adjust to desired position and release to lock

Note: Free-floating boot is designed to rotate about pivot through-out the full range of motion, reducing risk of superficial nerve injury.


  • Loosen SpringLoc Clamp and remove stirrups by lifting out of clamps
  • Remove accessory clamps from side rails

Intended Use

Great White Pediatric E-Z Lift Stirrups are a patient positioning accessory used in Gynecology, Urology, and laparoscopic procedures. They provide a safe system for positioning the legs up to 160 and 250 lbs patients in a variety of lithotomy/abduction positions.


  • General - Prevent infection by cleaning and disinfecting product before disposal
  • Packaging - Dispose packaging material via household waste according to national requirements
  • SchureMed accepts back used or retired products - or dispose of product in accordance with national requirements

Product Use Warnings:

Maximum load should not exceed appropriate proportion of a patient weighing 160 lbs. for 800-0342-PUPS and 250 lbs. for 800-0342-KIDS. Use care with low-maximum load capacity surgical tables that accessory rails are not overloaded. Strictly follow instructions for your Operating Table system.

Cleaning Recommendation: Follow current Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) Journal Guidelines for proper cleaning and disinfection procedure.

Caution: Strictly read/follow manufacturer's directions for cleaning fluids. DO NOT use cleaners containing phenolics.

  • Remove major contaminants from accessory with disposable materials. Follow appropriate bio-hazard waste disposal procedures
  • Apply cleaning fluid liberally to entire accessory and wipe with clean, lint-free cloth until all moisture and cleaning fluid is removed from accessory
  • Let accessory dry
Additional Specifications:
  • Product Type: Pediatric E-Z Lift Stirrups
  • Dimensions: 14" (L) x 9" (W) x 27" (H)
  • Protective Fin Design: No
  • Lift Mechanism: Yes
  • Lithotomy Adjustment (From Sterile Field): Yes
  • Lithotomy Range (From Sterile Field): +75?, -30?, Also externally rotates out 20?
  • Abduction Adjustment (From Sterile Field): Yes
  • Abduction Range (From Sterile Field): +25 ?, -9 ?
  • Lithotomy Indicator: Yes
  • Patient Weight Limit: 160 lbs.
  • Weight: 8 lbs. (with pad)
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