SDI Diagnostics PulmoGuard II Pulmonary Function Test Filter w/ Mouthpiece

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The SDI Diagnostics PulmoGuard II Pulmonary Function Test Filter w/ Mouthpiece

During a Pulmonary Function Test, bacteria and viruses can be expelled, posing serious risk to patients and healthcare workers alike. With a cross-contamination efficiency of 99.999%, Pulmoguard is safe, highly efficient…and very affordable. Features: Needs no adapter to fit many SDI spirometers Fits many other PFT instruments with no adapter Meets ATS air resistance standards Features dead volume of less than 70ml Pleated media for better functionality Compact, non-intimidating design Transparent for easy, 100% visual inspection PulmoGuard II fits the following instruments without an adapter (Adapters available for instruments not listed): Breon – All Models CDX – Spiro 110 (remove black fitting), Spiro 850 Cavitron/Donti – All Models Clement-Clarke - Mini-Wright Peak Flow Meter Collins – All DS series pulmonary labs with UBV (use 7982 adapter for hose), CPL, GS, SurveyTach, Eaglet, Hawk Cosmed – All Models Creative Biomedics – All Models Futuremed – Discovery, Spirobank, Spirovision III Medical Equip Designs – All Models (remove black fitting) Med Graphics – preVent, PF/DX (needs to be reprogrammed if no filter before) Micro Medical/Direct – All Models MIR – All Models Multispiro – All Models except PC (remove black fitting) nSpire - Wright Peak Flow Meter Ohio – All Models PK Morgan – 232 Puritan-Bennett – PS600, 900, 900L, VS400 Riko – All Models except AS300 S&M – Keystone SDI - SBOffice, SBG, spirotel, Spirolab, Spirolab II, Astra series with 7983 adapter Smiths Medical - All models Spirometrics – All Models except LTE, 2500 LTE VacuMed – Discovery, Micro, MicroPlus, MicroGP/DL, MicroLoop, Pony, Spiroscreen, Wizard ViaSys - MicroLoop, MicroLab Vitalograph – All Models except Presto Flash Wright Professional Peak Flow Meter 29-7920-050 29-7920-100 29-7920-200 29-7920-300 29-7921-050 29-7921-100 29-7922-050 29-7922-100 29-7923-040 29-7923-080 29-7924-050 29-7924-100 29-7925-040 29-7925-080 29-7927-040 29-7927-080 29-7928-040 29-7928-080

Manufacturer SDI Diagnostics
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