seca 218 Disposable Measuring Tape and Wall Dispenser Starter Kit, 2181817049

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Includes 25 tapes and dispenser

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The seca 218 Disposable Measuring Tape and Wall Dispenser Starter Kit 2181817049 is an environmentally friendly and high-quality disposable measuring tape that will simplify your hectic routine work. Tapes can be individually removed from the practical wall dispenser for hygienic use. The wall dispenser is space-saving as well as easy to install and refill.

  • Measurements are easy to read, thanks to printing on side of the rod and color-coded markings
  • Aluminum makes rod especially durable
  • Abrasion-resistant scale made with a high-quality screen printing process
  • 25 tapes included
  • Fine, high-contrast printed dial
  • Mobile use
  • Wall mounting required

How can I accurately measure bedridden patients?

If the patient is unable to stand for their height measurement because they’re bedridden or have a serious curvature of the spine, then their height is estimated based on their knee height. This estimation is measured while the patient is seated or lying down because the knee and heel joints must be placed at 90 degrees from the thigh. To calculate the patient’s body height, measure the distance from the sole of the foot to the top of the knee and use the following formula:
For men:
Height (cm) = [1.94 × knee height (cm)] – [0.14 × age (years)] + 78.31
For women:
Height (cm) = [1.85 × knee height (cm)] – [0.21 × age (years)] + 82.21

How can I measure and properly interpret waist circumference?

Overweight and obesity have become significant subjects in today’s healthcare because the more fat the body accumulates the higher chance of suffering from heart disease, diabetes mellitus, stroke, and high blood pressure.
Distinguishing between apple-shaped and pear-shaped bodies is vital because this demonstrates where most of the fat is deposited within the body. Individuals who tend to store fat around the waist (apple-shaped bodies) are at a greater health risk than those who accumulate fat around the hips, thighs, and butt (pear-shaped bodies). Thus, these are substantial reasons for the growing need of measuring tapes.
Manufacturer Seca
Unit of Measure (UOM) Each
Dimensions 47.2"L x .8" W
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