Assess and diagnose the health of your patients’ visions painlessly, efficiently, and accurately with CME Corp’s wide selection of optometry equipment. From vision screeners to retinal cameras, slit lamps to eye exam charts, and eye occluders to magnifiers, you’ll find capital medical equipment from leading manufacturers like Welch Allyn, Eschenbauch, and more.


Why Vision Screening Should Be On The “Back To School List”

It is critical that children undergo frequent vision testing, either by a comprehensive eye exam or instrument-based method, to detect or prevent amblyopia before its development becomes irreversible.

An Innovative Way To Treat Patients With Diabetic Retinopathy

Since symptoms often go undetected until vision issues become more severe, most diabetic patients don't realize the impact on their health and vision. Early detection and treatment is crucial, especially because the disease can progress very rapidly.

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