Exergen TAT-5000 TemporalScanner™ Temporal Artery Thermometer

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Features Include: Accurate, fast, non-invasive temperature measurement, industrial-duty construction with Exergen Super Plastic, and a variety of convenience and security options to meet the needs of any medical environment.   


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The TAT-5000 has been designed with the exceptional durability and longevity required for intense hospital use.

The Exergen TAT-5000 Temporal Thermometer is the most recent advance in medical thermometry - fast, simple, and highly accurate. The Exergen Thermometer works by scanning across the temporal artery, making thousands of individual readings as it does so and selecting the best one. Since the temporal artery contains blood flow from the heart and is millimeters beneath the skin, it is an excellent predictor for core body temperature.

The Infrared Thermometer is easy for professionals to use: press and hold the button, scan the probe across the side of the forehead to the hairline, then lift the Thermometer and place it below the earlobe, then release the button, and read. It takes less than a second for the Temporal Scanner to measure temperature. This non-invasive technique is superior to oral and ear thermometry and as accurate as rectal temperatures but without the lag time. That TAT-5000 can be used with clinically-tested accuracy on all patient types, from neonates to geriatrics.

The sensor head of the Infrared Thermometer is built to last with a white copolymer material that withstands strenuous disinfecting cleaners and chemicals. Disposable covers are also available - See accessories below - which make it unnecessary to disinfect after each use. The TAT-5000 lens itself is made of pure silicon crystalline and resists chemical etching. The Temporal Thermometer's case is ribbed for impact-resistance and annealed to protect against cleaning chemicals.

Routine maintenance, such as cleaning and calibration, are required to keep your TAT-5000 fully accurate. Cleaning is easy, using cleaning wipes on the body, and an alcohol swabs on the lens. Calibration can be done by Exergen. Calibration can be verified in-house using the calibration verification kit - See accessories below.

Ease of Use

  • This temple thermometer has been designed for the demanding, fast-paced hospital environment and features easy, one-handed operation. It features a large, easy-to-read LED display and takes readings very quickly, making it ideal for speedy, hassle-free use. Additionally, this thermometer features an audible indicator, an LED light indicator, a low battery indicator, and a 30-second auto-off function to help conserve battery life. 
  • This thermometer is completely non-invasive and can even be used on sleeping or resting patients with minimal disturbance. This makes it ideal for use with patients of all ages and has applications in neonatal, pediatric and adult care. The device is latex-free, removing the risk of allergic reaction.

Hygienic and cost-effective

  • TemporalScanner thermometer is a non-invasive method of measuring temperature, naturally allowing for a more hygienic process compared to standard thermometry. Practitioners can choose to either wipe this thermometer clean between uses with a disinfectant cloth or use it with a clean disposable cover for each patient. The ability to simply wipe the device clean significantly reduces the need for probe covers, improving both the facility's bottom line and environmentally friendly practice. This revolutionary feature provides payback for full hospital installation in less than one year.

Temple Thermometry

  • Temple thermometers work by measuring the peak temperature of the temporal artery, which is located in the forehead and is easily visible during infrared imaging. Arterial blood traveling through the body is the same temperature as blood leaving the heart via the aorta, making it the most accurate way to determine body temperature. The thermometer is stroked across the forehead to gauge arterial temperature and touched momentarily behind the ear to account for any blood lost due to diaphoresis. The device measures the temperature of the skin over the temporal artery, and the Precision Infrared System measures the ambient temperature to capture the heat naturally by the skin. Proprietary Arterial Heat Balance (ABH) technology converts the recorded peak temperature to a core one by sampling the two sets of data 5000 times per use and synthesizing them to produce an arterial temperature reading.


  • TemporalScanner has been designed to withstand the heavy, intense use required in stressful hospital environments such as intensive care units and emergency rooms. Assuming proper care and cleaning, the device is covered by a lifetime warranty.
Manufacturer Exergen
Clinical Accuracy per ASTM E1112 ±0.1 °C (0.2 °F) Time Displayed On Screen 30 seconds
Temperature Range 16-43 °C (61-110 °F) Size 5 x 20 x 3 cm (2 x 8 x 1.25 inches)
Arterial Heat Balance Range for Body Temperature* 34.5-43 °C (94-110 °F) Weight 213 grams (7.5 oz)
Operating Environment 16-40 °C (60-104 °F) EMI and RFI Protection Complete Copper Coating On Inside of Casing
Resolution .1°C or °F Display Type and Size Large Bright LED's
Response Time ~0.04 seconds Construction Method Industrial Duty Impact Resistant Casing


Hermetically Sealed Sensing System

Stainless Steel Probe

Battery Life 15,0000 readings** Warranty Lifetime
Unit of Measure (UOM) Each
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