Kull Industries Long 7 1/2" Exam Room Flags

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Kull Industries Exam Room Long Flags are bright, easy to see, scratch resistant, and easy to clean.

Short 3" Flags in pre-assembled colors are available here.

Customizable: 14 colors arranged in any order and combination. For special orders please contact customer service.

As low as $28.50

Long 7.5" Exam Room Signal Flags from Kull Industries

EASY TO USE - These color-coded medical office tags are bright and easy to flip and use in any setting. These signals can send a non-verbal cue to instantly notify doctors and personnel of the status of an exam, patient, doctor or class room.

HARDWARE INCLUDED - These hospital room signs are quick and easy to install, with all hardware included. They are made of high-quality scratch resistant plastic, making them durable and easy to sanitize. These flags are proudly made in the USA.

MULTIPLE FLAGS - The clinic flags come in multiple flag quantity options: available in 2, 4, 6 or 8 flags on a single post. Additional flags on one post system are a great option if you have multiple attributes to signal. Custom color arrangements can be made at request.

COLOR OPTIONS - Different color styles are available: Primary style which features bright, standards colors and Designer Style which features stylized tones. Choose the best fit for your building!

FLAG LENGTHS - The Exam Room Signals by Kull Industries come in the regular full 7.5″ in length, which is the ideal size for standard use or there are also 3″ Short tab flags available for smaller hallways and rooms.

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