Burton Medical SBL Super Bright Spot LED Examination Light

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Features include: Long-lasting high-quality illumination, Ergonomically-designed handles, Flex arm provides easy positioning without drifting, Easy-to-clean
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Super Bright Spot LED Examination Light is a state-of-the-art lighting system designed with the higher light quality compared to halogen units. It is ideal for general practice, obstetrics/gynecology, ent, ophthalmology, dermatology/plastic surgery, labor & delivery, outpatient surgery, examination room and veterinary applications.

Light Quality:

  • High CRI (>90) to accurately render skin and tissue tones
  • Well-de ned, consistent light doesn’t cause hot spots
  • Dimming control from 100% to 5% provides exactly the desired amount of light

Awesome Design:

Constructed with high-quality materials, the Super Bright Spot LED examination light is mounted on a drift-free flex-arm for hassle-free positioning without it straying. The LED examination light has a user-friendly diameter control located at the light head and has a dimmable 1-4 spot diameter (at 16). It features ergonomically-designed handles to ease light placement, a low-voltage power source to eliminate cumbersome power cords and an easy-to-clean smooth housing design to help in infection prevention measures.

Accurate and High Light Quality:

With a 50,000-hour average rated ledlife, the Super Bright Spot LED examination light is superior compared to a halogen units' upkeep and energy usage. The dimming control from 100% to 5% allows the medical personnel to provide the exact amount of light desired and needed. With a High Color Rendering Index (CRI greater than 90), the examination light has an illuminance of 20,000 Lux, a color temperature of 5,200 Kelvin and produces accurate skin renders & tissue tones. These ensure well-defined, consistent lighting which doesn't cause hot spots.

Features and Benefits:

  • LED light source consumes less energy, provides long-lasting high-quality illumination that requires less maintenance and produces less heat
  • Flex arm provides easy positioning without drifting
  • User-friendly spot diameter control at light head
  • Ergonomically-designed handles ease placement of light
  • Five, low friction, lockable casters on Floor Stand model ease positioning and securing placement
  • Low-voltage power sources eliminate cumbersome power cord
  • Easy-to-clean smooth housing design aids infection prevention measures
Additional Specifications:

See configurations for individual specifications. 

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