Smart Caregiver Early Warning Wheelchair Seat Belt Exit Alarm

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  • Compatible with TL-2016R3, TL-3100, and TL-2100 Monitors (except TL-2100G)
  • Functions with corded pads and seat belt alarms (see above link for pads and belts)
  • Functions as a pull string alarm or with alarm pads
  • Alarms to notify caregivers of resident activity
  • Ensures resident safety
  • Monitors corded pressure pads and seat belts (See above links)
  • Safety Auto-Reset resets alarm when pressure is re-applied to bed or chair pad - no off switch
  • Economically-priced monitor without Tamperproof setting
  • Pull string clips to resident garments and alarms if magnet contact is pulled free
  • Can wirelessly transmit alarms to TL-2016P pagers - See accessories below
  • Plugs into fall monitor
  • TamperProof setting disables reset button, requiring Caregiver Key
  • On/off switch for easy alarm deactivation
  • Options for standard alarm tone or 15-second recording
  • Works with Central Monitor Units, Cordless Alarms, and Emergency Call Lights
  • Recorded music or voice message reduces stress caused by alarm
  • Works with corded bed, chair, floor pressure pads, and early release seat belts
  • Monitor alarm is triggered when belt is undone
  • Choice of alarm tones with adjustable volumes, as well as blinking alarm light
  • Safety Auto-Reset resets alarm when pressure is re-applied to pad
  • Early warning belts are non-restraintive
  • Alerts caregiver if connection with pad is lost
  • 1 or 2 second delay settings allow resident to reposition without triggering alarm
  • Alerts caregiver if connection with pad is lost
  • Easily mounts on bed or wheelchair
  • Auto-reset feature resets alarm when pressure is reapplied to pad
  • One-finger easy release buckle
  • Easy to install and use
  • 433-NCA (ACCESSORIES Tab) allows use with 433-CMU and 433-EC (RELATED PRODUCTS Tab)
  • Reset button silences alarm
  • Initial pad connection will cause a soft beep indicate pad is active
  • Call button allows residents to easily alert caregivers
  • Strain-relieving cord holder helps to prevent damage to pad cord
  • Strain relieving cord holder helps to prevent damage to pad cord
  • Low battery indicator light
  • Monitor is always on to reduce resident tampering
  • Pad lost light indicates when pad has become disconnected
  • Low battery indicator light
  • Powered by 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • "Pad Lost" alert notifies caregiver if connection to component is lost
  • Low battery light lets staff know when the battery needs to be changed
  • Includes protective boot
  • Alarm light provides visual alert to accompany audible alarm
  • "Status" light blinks regularly to indicate monitor functionality
  • Optional Caregiver Key setting only allows caregivers to reset monitor
  • "Low Battery" light flashes when batteries should be replaced
  • Multiple alarm tones
  • Adjustable volume level
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